White Paper: Innovation Intelligence

Innovation Intelligence

Why is it so hard to build and maintain the capacity to innovate ?

This white paper contains 15 pages of management trends, use cases & solutions for innovation leaders; combining Questel expertise, web articles and market research extracts.

We are living in a technology driven world.

Emerging innovation use cases become mature and unavoidable.

Innovation decision makers must face complex strategic issues.

In this fast-moving environment, Knowledge is power, Open science an opportunity, collaborative R&D and Open Innovation are catalysts and Intellectual property is the guarantor of secured transactions.

R&D and Innovation professionals are constantly under pressure to deliver their new innovations to the market. They have to be focused on key business and operations objectives, such as reducing time-to-market, drive allocation to the best R&D projects, secure technology roadmap, manage Open Innovation process and detect opportunities before competitors.

An effective innovation strategy requires structured processes. That’s why during the past years, new methodologies and use cases have been experimented and provide valuable results, for examples:  Technology & competency Mapping, Market Screening, Expert and knowledge Sourcing or R&D Partnering.

Realized by Questel

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Innovation Decision Makers need Business Intelligence

The concept of Innovation Intelligence.

The problematics of Innovation Decision Makers

Why Questel is a leader in Innovation Intelligence ?

The importance of emerging innovation use cases.

In this white paper you will find

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2019. Questel


2016.  Expernova

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a bundle of data, insights & services,to accelerate and secure innovation roadmap.

Innovation Intelligence,

the depth of analytics and discovery
for business achievements.

The key business questions must be answered with confidence. That’s where the Big Picture is vital, crossing and analyzing a wide range of data, generating business insights and interpreting the results. As in marketing, sales or finance, innovation professionals need business intelligence tools and services to make informed decisions.

What is innovation intelligence?

Why Questel is a leader in Innovation Intelligence?

At Questel, IP is our DNA, data science our know-how, and we have developed an unparalleled scope of data. 20 years of consulting provide hands-on experience and real-life case studies. Those are unique assets to design the pioneer of Innovation Intelligence solutions.

The best practices to make your innovation strategy a success

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