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R&D & Innovation Teams

To drive allocation to the best R&D projects and reduce your time-to-market, you need a data driven approach, that distills broad technology domains into actionable priorities, translates relevance of emerging technology to existing products or markets, assists you in understanding the implication of enabling technology, connects seemingly unrelated technology areas and uncovers paths to potential solutions or outcomes not previously considered.

Staying abreast of the latest developments in our rapidly changing world of technology is undoubtedly a competitive advantage. Shift strategies at the right time with the right information.

A Technology Landscaping provides an in-depth assessment of a technology area to identify and evaluate the current and future state of relevant technologies as they are being developed across industries.

Accelerate and secure your innovation roadmap !

Product Marketing

B2B marketers need to understand the technology landscape as well as they understand the competitive landscape.

You need to detect the best tech opportunities before competitors and position your product on high-stakes markets.

Keep an eye on the competition to reduce your risk. Follow their innovation and IP activity, partnerships and licensing opportunities so you aren’t caught off guard by market announcements.

Tech Transfer Offices

TTOs’ objectives are to spin out innovations developed by researchers, and drive University’s allocation to the most valuable technologies and markets.

TTO likely has a multitude of resources that will enable the success of venture projects. It might offer workshops, coaching, and guidance to help understand and sail through research commercialization. 

We can help you find the most dynamic markets and the right partners to license your IP. 

Value your IP portfolio and accelerate your research commercialization !

M&A and investors

Detect investment opportunities on rising technologies and high-stakes markets.

Follow the tech trends and market dynamics.

Work with the best experts to secure due diligences.