Product Support

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All the support you need for efficient integration and use.

The questel group has an unparalleled panel of skills to meet your needs.
Experienced trainers, subject matter experts, senior IP and innovation consultants or outsourced indian-based IP experts.

Custom training & support

From your first online onboarding session to a bespoke onsite user workshop, the team at Questel will work with you to achieve the maximum ROI from your subscription.

Ensure user adoption ! Improve search skills and increase efficiency with our training packages !

E-learning - Questel Academy

R&D and Innovation team, from top to bottom, must understand the fundamentals of IP to have an efficient and satisfactory use of Orbit Innovation product and moreover to be able to seize innovation opportunities and mitigate dangerous project risks.

Questel Academy has 2 main objectives: capitalizing on Questel’s product support contents (helps, use cases, tips and tricks, etc.) but also delivering the world’s most engaging training videos and movies on Intellectual Property.

Data validation

Data accuracy is an essential part of any IP and innovation operations. We save you time and money during processes where responsiveness and reliability are key. Depending on your need, our team can support you to enrich your data focus, help you generate advanced search syntax, review data, contact patent offices or data sources for which the information is nos available in the databases.

API integration

Questel’s APIs are designed to work with your existing tools and systems. Thanks to the API, you can request targeted information on Questel databases and integrate it into your existing information system. In other words, you can connect Orbit Data into a wide range of tools: CRM, intranet, innovation management software, ERP…