Business-Oriented Dashboards

Find the technologies and associated actors that will shape your business !

Our dynamic and predefined dashboards
are focused on your key business questions.

The Big Picture is vital !

Designed for decision makers thanks to 20 years of IP and Innovation consulting experience.

Detail is important, but the big picture is what counts. Looking at the bigger picture helps you understand where it is that you’re heading and gives you a clearer vision of your goals. Decision makers need a technology-driven process for analyzing big data and presenting actionable information, helping them and their teamsΒ make informed business decisions.

Understand the IP dynamics on a specific subject
  • Global Patenting dynamics
  • Main geographic protection areas
  • Market maturity
  • Patent expenditure

πŸ‘‰ Is it a trendy technology ?
πŸ‘‰ Is it an emerging technology ? Are there strong IP investments ?
πŸ‘‰ Which is the most strategic territory?

Understand the competitive landscape in a few seconds

  • Major companies
  • Major universities
  • Key Opinion leaders
  • Collaborative networks & clusters

πŸ‘‰ Who are the essential players ?
πŸ‘‰ What is the competition?
πŸ‘‰ Who are my next partners ?
πŸ‘‰ Who are influencers on the topic ? The rising stars?
πŸ‘‰ What are the existing clusters and essential networks ?

Understand the market trends on your topic

  • R&D activity and expenditure
  • Investment and funding dynamics
πŸ‘‰ Are we positioned in a high-stakes market ?
πŸ‘‰ What are the underlying drivers of the innovation activity?  

Understand the technological environment

  • Main applications
  • Research fields, domains and subdomains
  • Related technologies, skills or topics
πŸ‘‰ What’s going on around this technology ?
πŸ‘‰ Are there weak signals warning a market shift?