Why the technology landscape is so important ? (even for marketers)

B2B marketers need to understand the technology landscape as well as they understand the competitive landscape.

As Jim Everhart said in his article,  it’s not all that unusual for B2B marketers to ask them why they have to go beyond what a product or service really does and learn more about the technology landscape it fits into.

“Why do you have to know that?” someone asks. And, it’s true that, on occasion, these excursions sometimes don’t uncover much of anything.

But, those occasions are rare. At the very least, we pick up some nuance of product nomenclature or even application that helps us frame our concepts differently.

And, often enough, our inquiries into the technology landscape uncover important information critical to concept differentiation. Like hidden competitors. Not-immediately apparent buyer motivations. Or even outright exclusions. At the very least, we learn about things that go beyond price and delivery, and often help us develop concepts that are differentiating and distinguishing.

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Source : https://www.godfrey.com/insights/technology/technology-landscape