[WEBINAR]- Detect innovative cutting edge companies on your topics

In a context of rapid technological change where companies must meet the needs of differentiation and innovation with regard to its customers and competitors, research and development activities are a real lever of competitiveness.

Whether it’s to maintain a leading position, to challenge the market, to follow technological evolutions or to specialize in niche markets etc. each company, according to the life cycle of its product and its positioning, will have to adapt and size its R&D strategy in relation to its overall strategy.

Access to knowledge is therefore a key issue to have a global vision of its market and develop its skills in order to anticipate and react quickly to potential technological and market changes.

The webinar will show you how to access the expertise of the most innovative companies (scientific works, technologies, researchers, networks, experience etc.) working on your topics thanks to the Big Data Expernova solution.



During an online demonstration of the Expernova platform:

1 / Obtain a global vision of companies working on your topics:
 Access the most relevant companies
 Quickly detect newcomers
 Find out who is working with whom and on which application
 Zoom in on the actors, domains and geographical areas of your choice.

2 / Quickly analyze the expertise of companies
 Explore company profiles summarizing their innovation activities (patents, scientific works, projects, clinical trials etc.) on your subjects. Easily position their scientific works according to their degree of maturity and application.
 Rebuild a company’s history of partnerships and access common work developed with its various partners.
 Identify their experts working on the topic, and access their profile detailing their expertise (works, experience, networks etc.)

3 / Capitalize on the knowledge acquired:
 Save, share and export your results.


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