[WEBINAR]- Easily evaluate an expert dimension on a topic

With the expernova platform, discover how to easily evaluate an expert dimension on a specific topic.

Opinion leaders, also known as thought leaders, are experts with a high level of influence on their community.

Recognized by their peers for their knowledge, publications, academic standing, analytical and recommendation abilities… they have credential on a targeted audience and are more and more strategic for companies. Whether it is to provide advocacy activity, give lectures, conduct clinical trials, make presentations, release results…they are intimately entwined with the marketing and product development departments.


During this webinar you will discover how to simply identify key opinion leaders on your topics:

– Evaluate the relevance of a scientific and technological actor’s expertise on a specific topic on a: national and international level…

– Access their scientific works, patents and projects…

– Navigate through their collaborative networks and understand the influence of their network: academic, industrial, international….

– Benefit from automatic suggestions of similar expert profiles and compare their common expertise.

– Capitalize on the knowledge acquired.

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