[WEBINAR]- Follow your competitors and customers’ innovation strategies!

Monitor your ecosystem’s stakeholders through newcomer detection, emerging trends or scientific and technological innovations for better risk management.

Today, in most cases, technological innovation influences product life cycles. Thus, not taking into account competitors or customers strategies may have the influence of not controlling the product life cycle. This will create a risk of decreased competitiveness or poor control over your technologies for future generation or replacement products.

Successful competitive intelligence is an ongoing process involving human and material resources to access and analyze different types of information (news, data and knowledge).

We propose to you to rely on the Expernova Big Data solution to facilitate this monitoring process on competitors and customers’ innovation activities.


Through an online demonstration of the Expernova platform you‘ll discover how to:

– Obtain a global vision of your competitors and customers’ scientific and technological expertise on specific topics:

• Access scientific and technological expertise of targeted actors on your specific research topics (scientific publications, patents, clinical trials and projects).

• Navigate through their collaborations and quickly understand who is working with whom and on which topics.

• Detect newcomers to the market.

– Gain insights related to the scientific and technological expertise of people (experts) working for your competitors and customers:

• Detect the most relevant experts on your research topics, access their works and networks.

– Involve employees around competitive intelligence: capitalize on the knowledge acquired.

• Thanks to sharing and saving features, the monitoring officer can disseminate their results but also collect feedback from their collaborators to improve these results in the future.

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