The challenge facing most organizations today are so massive that they cannot be solved in isolation.

To truly see the big picture organizations need to shift business thinking to embrace open innovation engagements. Being open to new people, ideas and models.

Whether the objective is to pool risks and costs, to seek leverage or enhance flexibility in order to achieve rapid commercialization, partnerships provide a strategic solution.

So, the selection of a future R&D partner is a crucial step. It’s a recruitment phase which should be approached with the same care as when seeking a new employee. For each project there is a different ideal partner.


During this webinar, you will discover priorities among many criteria for selecting a future partner but also learn how to easily access and identify potential partner and analyze their expertise.

You’ll learn:

1/ How to obtain a global vision of the actors and competitors present on your specific topics:

– With Expernova capture global innovation activity on your specific research topics, filter actors by type, geographical zones, domain of application etc.

2/ How to easily uncover and analyze thought leaders, companies, universities and research groups working on your topics.

– Thanks to precise and rich innovation profiles access the expertise background (scientific documents, patents, clinical trials, projects etc.) experience and, influential dimension scope of an individual or an organization.

– Navigate within their collaborative networks.

3/ Capitalize on the knowledge acquired

– Create an expert and partner shortlist to contact

– Save, comment and share your results

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