In our rapidly changing world, only R&D teams able to mobilize and manage large volumes of scientific and technological data can position themselves on new opportunities and develop an effective strategy.

An ongoing monitoring process on knowledge advancement is therefore inevitable to secure your innovation, monitor trends and evolutions and, obtain funding.

During this webinar, you will discover how to save time in achieving your state of the art analysis and better understand your research ecosystem without additional effort.

You’ll learn:

1- How to easily access worldwide scientific and technological literature on your topics:

– Explore scientific documents (articles, conferences, grey literature, theses etc.), patents, clinical trials, projects using a single platform.
– Filter all these documents by relevance, by geographical area, by scientific domain etc.

2- How to identify a relay of expert on your topics:

– Discover innovation profiles detailing the expertise of the scientific works authors (skills, experience, networks).
– Get a global vision of the players of your ecosystem (experts, companies, laboratories, universities and newcomers on your market etc.)

3- Save, organize and share your research and results with your collaborators and partners:

– Capitalize on your research, encourage your team working together (share-folders, subfolders, management of use rights and access etc.)
– Valorize and defend your results.

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