Towards an improved sharing of costs and results of a Technology Intelligence Program

TWatch : Multi-client Technology Intelligence programs

Technology intelligence is a key element for the growth strategy of innovative companies and labs.

In an environment where technologies evolve very quickly, companies and labs develop Technology Intelligence organizations to take decisive action to advance in a domain and not be supplanted by emerging or current competitors and, not waste resources to lead research on existing technologies.

Technology Intelligence consists of collecting, analyzing and selecting information for the identification of relevant weak signals to deduct threats and technology opportunities for open innovation.

However « if we want to be efficient, go in depth and create added value on a Technology Intelligence Service, we end up with budgets which, even for large groups, might not allow them to cover the entire scope of a specific subject.” says Marc Henri Menard, President, BT2i.

BT2i, Business & Technology Intelligence for Innovation, founded by Marc Henri Menard, former founder of Innovation 128, have developed a new concept named TWatch programs allowing for the capitalization on human and technological resources and leads to added value technology intelligence.


TWatch Concept

« This is an offer of collaborative monitoring or multi-client technology intelligence.

The offer was conceived from the idea:

Would companies and laboratories, which can be in competition, be ready to share the financing and results of a Technology Intelligence program dedicated to pre-competitive topics? The answer is clearly yes.

In the 90’s, we launched some 20 programs with more than 400 French and European participants.

Presently, we operate a TWatch Program dedicated to Surface Engineering with 15 participants (large international companies and laboratories); this program started last January and will be renewed next year with some 25+ participants. In this July 2017, we are launching another program on Advanced Non Destructive Techniques (NDT) and we are preparing another one on Next Packaging Systems © focusing on new materials & processes and connected solutions.

Each participant, depending on their size and type of license, pays a contracting amount ranging between 8,000 and 14,500 euros.

In 2018-2019, we will launch 5 additional programs in other fields. These are currently still confidential. »

TWATCH: Technology intelligence with high added value.

« We thoroughly cover a large number of topics.

To do that we use multiple sources, technical tools and human resources and we bring strategic information to our Customers.

Our international experts also help us do this. Information is first detected by our Consultants in databases, using tools such as Expernova. Then selected information is analyzed by BT2i’s Sr. Advisors and experts.  Some of these experts have had  experience for 30 years in theirs domains including advanced materials and processes, eco-innovations, energies, aeronautics, IoT and other types of technologies and markets. »

TWATCH implementation

« The first step is the detection of organizations which need Technology Intelligence Services and that are ready to participate in a TWatch program. To make this possible, we use the Expernova platform. Then, once we have made a selection of potential organizations, a person in our team will contact and invite them to one of our marketing webinars.

Once we have created this Technology Intelligence group, we meet each of the participants individually where they give us their own specifications in a completely confidential manner. This is an extremely important point! We assure each of the participants that their specifications, will not be transmitted to the other participants. Then, we aggregate all the client’s needs and we operate on the global territory monitoring.

In a daily manner, we use professional IP, Business & Technology databases, internet crawlers, we participate in a tenth of international congresses per domain covered, and we cooperate with our business and technology experts. We also use Expernova for a first identification of international R&D teams.

Every week, at the end of this process, relevant information is subsequently loaded on a secured proprietary Technology Intelligence Platform. Access to this platform is exclusively limited to the subscribers. Once a month, we publish « a TWatch Whaoo Note”, in which BT2i points out emerging technologies that have varying levels of maturity and those with potential impact. This way we ensure that the very important information on scientific and technology nuggets collected during the previous month is identified by our Clients and enter their radars.

Twice a year, we invite our Clients to meet each other at TWatch Days and at the same time, to discover researchers and start up’s who are also invited to pitch their innovative projects, to have a chance to cooperate as future partners.

Information and opportunities are also transferred to our TWatch clients. Those who are most reactive have the best return on their shared Technology Intelligence Investment! »


BT2i, Business and Technology Intelligence for Innovation, currently consists of a team of 60+ Techno- Marketing consultants, Sr Advisors, technical experts and international correspondents who have a combined 30 years-experience producing added value services in Innovation Management.

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