[WHITE PAPER]-Move Towards a Structured, Open and Global Access to Knowledge

Expernova & the Knowledgebase Company present a unique knowledge management system with our latest White Paper!


Expernova and The Knowledgebase Company combined their skills to write a White Paper « Knowledge Sourcing & Management: Best Practices & Tools to improve Access to Expertise and Open Innovation Processes”»to help companies respond to a major challenge.


How to set-up an open knowledge management model to improve access expertise and innovation processes? livre

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Addressing all industries and innovation professionals, this initiative brings together the expertise of a professional specialized in « Knowledge Management » with an expert professional in « Knowledge Sourcing «  to present a unique knowledge management system.

With the free available download on www.knowlegde-sourcing.pro since October 4th, 2016 , the reader will discover the best practices and tools to easily access the best expertise and knowledge to establish a comprehensive solution for knowledge management.


A new paradigm for open knowledge management, this paper sheds light on strategic decisions and on managing knowledge as a recoverable resource.


In 4 chapters: The pathway to expertise; How to access the best knowledge ?; How to Implement a comprehensive solution knowledge; A new paradigm for Open Knowledge Management, this White Paper gives the reader an overview of the key elements to know before choosing a knowledge management model.


This 29 page White Paper illustrates the Best Practices & approaches to structure global knowledge management processes to enhance innovation projects. It has been created to help companies:


  • – Reach the right information at the right time capitalizing on an enterprise’s collective intelligence.
  • – Access new opportunities by being able to map-out internal and external knowledge.
  • – Increase their value by improving the quality of their knowledge management.
  • – Save time by avoiding making the same searches twice and reduce the margin of error



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