The Pathway to Expertise




Confront a fast, complex and networked world


Companies have to face new realities to find the appropriate information.

In this new context searching for expertise isn’t an easy task and keeping informed of the research ecosystem and the scientific and technological environment surrounding an innovative organization is becoming confusing. Without strategies and supporting tools this process can lead to infructuous searches and costly actions.


The Pathway to Expertise: An equipped approach

To stay competitive, companies have to capitalize on their collective intelligence by creating a knowledge capital. Being able to access the right information at the right time concede strategic advantages.

In practice companies realize that there is no “pure” internal or external learning. They are interdependent and complementary* and circulate through the firm. Consequently, to facilitate their management and sourcing companies adopt new tools.


Step 1: Internal Sourcing


a Before sourcing the expertise outside the company, it is essential to verify if the expertise is not in-house.

B Thanks to a knowledge base indexing the company knowledge and referencing “fresh” data (data automatically updated), the company will access internal expertise in a click.

C Then, the company will determine if the knowledge, based on previous experiences, is sufficient enough.

D If It is sufficient: The company has found the internal expertise needed.

E If it is not sufficient: The company will have to complete its information through external sourcing process.


Step 2: External Sourcing


F Thanks to a cross border and intelligent searching tool (mapping out collaborative networks, scientific and technical experts) the company will capture, in seconds, a complete and updated overview of the global expertise on a specific topic.

G The company found the external expertise needed. The decision was based on fact, reducing the margin of error, saving time, and avoiding additional costs.


Learning Loop


trait All the new knowledge acquired is integrated into the Company knowledge base, making it available for other employees and avoiding making the same search twice.


pouce Advantages

  • – It allows for choices based on fact and more confident decision making.
  • – It reduces the margin of error.
  • – It gives access to the best worldwide expertise.
  • – It doesn’t generate additional costs.
  • – It offers a direct and on time access to the required information.
  • – It creates a learning loop permitting the integration of the new information into the knowledge base making it available for other employees.

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*Bierly and Chakrabarti, 1996

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