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Expernova, a Solution to facilitate the recrutement of the teaching body.


The Expernova solution is used by the Data ScienceTech Institute for the recrutement of their professors (research fellows and experts of the professional world with an experience in teaching), and for following the latest developments in their domain in order to adapt the content of their programs.


The result: an education in the latest trends and emerging subjects which allows the students to acquire the taste of the required skills for responding to the operational needs of employers in the world of Big Data of the 21st century.



Mr. Léo Souquet has agreed to provide a testimony and explain to us how he uses the Expernova solution in order to achieve his constant aim: to reach the highest quality of teaching!





In preparation for the start of the academic year, we identify the potential candidates by their teaching skills which we search for using Expernova. We then contact them to invite them to come to our school.

Without the solution, it would be more difficult to fulfil our mission to permanently adapt the content of our programs to align with industry needs.

Throughout the year, we also receive unsolicited applications from teachers or conference speakers. Thanks to Expernova, we verify the legitimacy of the candidate, by verifying that their domain(s) of advanced expertise can be identified by the solution.

Expernova has become indispensable to our recruitment and meets our specific requirements.
The solution assists us in our continuous objective to achieve the highest level of teaching in the Institute and to identify expertise on emerging issues.

The choice is made based on the recency of the research activity in perfect correlation with our specific needs as a higher education faculty
The tool is relatively easy to use, we have been using the solution for a little over one year and we are very satisfied with its improvements to the user interface.

It’s a vital solution for organisations that require the intervention of people both possessing knowledge of current issues and being experts in their domains.


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To test the Expernova solution and understand how to use the solution within the framework of a recruitment, please do not hesitate to contact one of our experts ! Contact an Expert here

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