IC2016: The National Days of Knowledge Engineering!

The IC2016 Conference (French Knowledge Engineering Conference) was the occasion for the French knowledge engineering community to come together to discuss research topics from this vast domain.


From the acquisition of data to the creation of added value, passing by the stages of qualification, structuring, validation or enhancement, so many of the topics from the  knowledge engineering sector lie at the heart of the R&D at Expernova, partner of the event.


Between articles, posters and demonstrations, around 30 scientific works were presented over the three day conference (which also offered 2 days of workshops). Three guest speakers: Mathieu d’Aquin (KMI, Open University), Mathieu Roche (TETIS, CIRAD) and Sébastien Mustière (LASTIG, IGN) presented their vision and their works on their research topics.



“Data, collaborations and networks are at the heart of user needs and those of the scientific community’s”

« Over the different sessions (Ontology, text, extraction, etc.), it became apparent that a particular growing importance was being attributed to the “user” issues. This may be explained by the other key theme which can be identified across a number of works: interdisciplinarity.


Data managers (or data scientists) and the experts of other domains (agronomics, town planning or medicine) are engaging in ever-closer collaboration, which replace the user need as the centre of concern. This has lead to the creation of tools that facilitate searching through biomedical data or models of collaborative documented research where the processes take into account the user’s perspective at each stage. It is clear that Expernova, with its customizable research presets (introduced in the latest version of the application) fits in perfectly with this new trend. »


To conclude, we would like to thank the committee of the IC2016 and its president Sandra Bringay for the perfect organization of this event: the national days of knowledge engineering.


Access IC2016 program here!

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