Global Vision provides feedback on their use of Expernova!

Anthony Beaudier, co-founder and CEO of Global Vision, provides feedback of his use of Expernova for the core services offered by his company: « Technological Vision »:






« Technological vision » is one of the 3 services offered by Global Vision to support the innovative projects carried out by our clients.

The task consists of collecting and analyzing scientific and technical information in order to identify solutions to strategic questions..

« Technological shortsightedness » is a commonly identifiable trend today among technical teams (design office, R&D services, labs, etc…) and is due to a limited field of technological vision.

The technical teams are experts of their scientific domains on a general level, however they are not always aware of what is going on elsewhere, and hence a number of technological opportunities are missed, slowing down the innovation process.

For our different Technological Vision studies, of which « Technology Sourcing » is the most in demand,

we look to collect the information quickly and exhaustively. The aim is to identify technological solutions, at different stages of development, and across different domains.

That’s where Expernova comes in!

Thanks to the Expernova Solution, we can efficiently access different sources such as experts and laboratories (who are of particular importance), as well as scientific publications and collaborative projects currently underway. We have the possibility of easily contacting these experts..

Expernova therefore plays an important role in our process.
We like to keep up to date with the developments of the tool.”



   Logo GV 658x302 Global Vision specializes in Open Innovation and accompanies their clients from digital or industrial sectors, around the world in projects for technological innovation through the 3 types of services:
Technological Vision: to analyze scientific and technical information and to facilitate conception.
Management of Innovative and Collaborative Projects: to structure and drive projects in an efficient way to ensure success.
– Financing Innovation and R&D: to provide the project with the necessary financial resources, thanks to public funds (CIR, CII, BPI, calls to project)
The company oversees and ensures the quality of various innovative projects for micro-enterprises and SMEs, and also works with large companies and start-ups. Global Vision is made up of a team of 7 people, essentially engineers


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